The House Martin Survey 2015-2017
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Information for volunteers in Surrey                                               Photo courtesy of John Walton

h martin for website 300The summer 2015 part of the survey involved checking 1 KM squares, randomly selected by the BTO, for House Martin nests.  The summer of 2016 was very different with anyone, who knew of any nests, recording the data and passing the data on to the BTO. .

As the spring of 2016 was so cold the BTO  decided to run the survey again in 2017.  The survey has now finished.

If you need any help om ID you can go to the BTO’s ID video recording which explains how you differentiate between House Martins and Swallows here.  This recording not only helps with what they look like but also what they sound like too).

Here is a map from the Surrey 2007-2012 Atlas (published last year by the Surrey Bird Club) which shows the distribution of House Martins during that period. 

house martin atlas



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